Custom Wedding Gown

We are one of the only Bridal Salons that does custom wedding gown. Our designers will take your ideas as the inspiration to create a perfect dress that complements your body and style.
Custom dresses have no limitations to fabric, color, and embellishment choices. You will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of fabrics and we can embroider your gown with laces, beads, pearls or glass crystals as you require.
We design the dress to highlight the beauty of your body, instead of fitting your body into an off-the-rack dress.

Custom Wedding Gown Process

1. Our designers will walk you through the custom dress making process as we listen to your ideas about creating your perfect dress.
2. The designer will analyze your body type and dress ideas, and sketch several options. They will then work with you to refine the sketches and better match your ideal dress. At this stage, your fabrics, colors, and embellishments will be chosen as well.
3. We will create a copy of your desirable dress using Muslin, which is a cotton fabric to ensure the quality of the cut and helps us construct your actual dress to fit your body perfectly.
4. Using your fabric choices, our experienced seamstress will prepare your actual dress for the first fitting. During the fitting, we will refine the details of the dress to enhance your body’s shape.
5. After a few fittings and refinements, we will complete your dress. At this stage, we also finalize the intricate details of your gown in order to make it truly unique and unforgettable.